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Bull Nose Verandas and Curved Roofs


One of the supposed limiting factors that some will complain about with metal roofing is that it can be architecturally limiting. That it is not as versatile as older forms of roofing. These comments come from people who haven't dealt with Skyline Roofing Solutions. Shaping and forming metal roofing does take expertise and luckily we have a great deal of experience in doing just that.

Would you like to dress up your home and add a little extra sun protection to your outside entertaining areas? A Bull Nose Veranda is just what you need. These elegantly sculpted sun shades add a little something extra that a simple flat or slanted roof just can't match. Add to their decorative appeal the added shade they provide from the low slanting sun and they just can't be beat.

Maybe you would like to add a little extra style to your home by adding a rounded or curved roof to a special area we can do that for you too.

If you like the idea of having a roof that is guaranteed to last for 30 years, installed by a company that will back there work up against leaks or any other faults for a full seven years, contact Skyline Roofing Solutions today for your free consultation and quote.