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Gutters, Down Pipes and Fascia Cover


We have all seen houses without gutters and/or down pipes. You can spot them without ever looking up one just has to look for the little trenches that the water falling from the roof has dug around the house itself.

What most people don't realize is that having improper drainage from their roof can cause serious structural issues. Water that is allowed to pool at the side of a house can, overtime, degrade the concrete of your homes slap or the blocks of its foundation creating unwanted instabilities that can lead to much more serious issues.

Beyond this, if your home has old, ill fitted or rusty gutters they can allow water to seep into your fascia boards causing rot to set in and eventual reach your ceiling joist and rafters.

Luckily, this is an easy fix. Skyline Roofing Solutions in Newcastle are experts at the instillation or replacement of Gutters, Down Pipes and Fascia Covers. Gutters collect the water running down your roof, Down Pipes carry it to ground level and channel it safely away from your home and Fascia Covers protect this key part of your home.

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